Raising awareness ahead of SUDEP day on Friday 23rd October

Raising awareness ahead of SUDEP day on Friday 23rd October

SUDEP_Awareness_logo-177x141Ahead of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) day, Tom’s mum Lee and friend Mike have aided Epilepsy Research UK to raise awareness of their work and the condition of Epilepsy.

They have worked with Shona Scott, Fundraising Officer for the charity who contacted Lee & Mike asking if they would be interested in providing details into what living with epilepsy was like, so as to help others and provide an insight.

In one part of the piece, Lee said:

“Bedside furniture needed to be moved away from his bed to avoid head injuries, and bathroom locks removed in case Tom had a seizure in the bathroom. All the family became hypersensitive to any noise that may have indicated that Tom was having a seizure.

We would like to see a greater understanding of what living with epilepsy is like. Increased awareness will help demystify the condition and remove the stigma that some people still associate with epilepsy.”

You can read the full piece on Epilepsy Research UK’s website by clicking here.

SUDEP Awareness Day was launched by charity SUDEP Action to raise awareness about SUDEP its risk factors, and to highlight the need for more research into this tragic event.

SUDEP day is on Friday 23rd October, and you can help by visiting the website here and join the campaign by sharing photos on social media of themselves holding the campaign posters and infographic available from the website using the hashtags #SUDEPAwarenessDay2015 and #EpilepsyRUK.

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