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Tony D from Chelmsford wrote on August 25, 2015 on 3:48 pm:
The last time I saw Moose was on the blinding Stag-Do he organised as best man for his old pal Loose (Nick Bard). When we arrived at the house in the Lake District, the lads acquainted themselves with each other, beers & games of football & tennis ensued in the garden. Throughout the whole time, Moosey was busy at the BBQ, cooking dinner for everyone. It was a great weekend of singing, shooting & drinking. Like many of us, I wish I had said something more profound to Moosey than the inane drunken babble that probably constituted our last conversation! But it was great to see him happy, inebriated & as always, going out of his way for others. A true gentleman, never to be forgotten. X
I have always thought a measure of a man is the company he keeps, & the great people I have met, become re-acquainted with, learnt about online through this fantastic website & the inspiration we have all gained from Moosey says everything you need to know about him.
Russell Brown from Leigh On Sea wrote on August 22, 2015 on 2:54 pm:
I only met Moose once. A friend and I randomly bumped into a crazy bunch of people on the top deck of the party bus at Brownstock. I took a bag of paint straight to the chest and splattering everyone with green paint was quite the introduction! From that moment Moose and the others welcomed us into the gang and we spent the weekend hanging out with everyone and getting drunk. Moose made the same impression on me that he appears to have made on everyone he met! We added each other on Facebook and agreed to meet up again after the festival for a catch up and a few beers but tragically, that wasn't able to happen. I'm sure we would have become great friends. Rest in peace Moosey. Russ
Lee Moulton from Hockley wrote on August 20, 2015 on 6:25 am:
Where do I start to tell you about my Wonderful, Beautiful Son, Tom....Well when 3 weeks old I took a walk to the chemist about half a mile away. My tummy was still sore but it was time for fresh air and no doubt, some nappies! I wandered up, in a sleep deprived dream; left Tom outside in his pram...wandered back...went indoors, then thought "hang on...I had something with me”! Yep, you guessed it....I had left him behind outside the chemist! One flabby, flustered Mummy ran like crazy all the way back up there. A tiny sleeping Tom was still outside. Those that know me well will recall, I made a habit of this (not with Tom I hasten to add) but with our scruffy, gorgeous pooch Basil. Too many times to mention (oh the shame) I would tie Bas up outside the front gates of Earls Hall..go in, pick the kids up and go home through the back gate. Mrs've left Basil behind became a bit of a standing joke! He went home with the head teacher, the crossing lady and had many an after school adventure!
One thing is for sure...having left Tom behind once...we will never ever leave him behind again.
Each and every one of you will take him forward in your hearts forever more.
Bless you all. Love, Peace and Mooselight will guide your way. Xxxxx Moo Moo Moulton xxxxx
Elliott Waters from Canvey Island wrote on August 19, 2015 on 8:44 pm:
This is the first time that I have written any words, Moose was great man we met around 5 years ago, and we hit it off from the word go, festivals traveling Europe as part of the jailbreak and many'a drunk parties.

But it was only over the past year and a half that me and moose grew extremely close. We became known as the ones to encourage an after work pint. The Hamlet and The Slug became our second home! Our love for music was strong, he is the man that introduced me to vinyl a great hobby that will now stay with me forever. Late night sitting spinning wax reminiscing, I tell you what some nights we thought we could run the world and put all to right!

I spent my most memorable day with Moose not so long ago, a great day of vinyl shopping, food, beer and rugby. It was epic! He met a friend of mine Alex Day for the very first time this day. I was a terrible light weight and ended up leaving early (I say light weight this was after 8 cocktails and a day of beer). But he stayed with Alex up in London and had a blast. Alex said to me when he found out 'that guy left such an impression from one night", now that is Moose that's what he did, that's how we all fell in love with the guy with the biggest heart!

He is and will always be one of my best friends Brownstock, after work beers, late night vinyl and those random parties will never be the same, but they will live on in your memory buddy!